Our Goal

In order to bring education to South Sudan, educational facilities must be built. Our goal is to build Alliance International Academy in Bor, Jonglei State, South Sudan. Alliance International Academy will be constructed as a a state-of-the-art facility that will provide a first-class learning environment for South-Sudanese children. As the first phase of our operation, we have purchased the land for the school; we are now excited to be working on raising the funds for the ground-breaking and construction of this school in order to bring this school into full operation.

As Bor is the home of several notable figures, such as John Garang, who have paved the way for South Sudan’s independence,  it is also our goal to build upon this history of  notable leaders in Bor and inspire a new generation of leaders, doctors, and thinkers who will lead South Sudan into an era of hope, freedom, peace, and prosperity (read more in History of Sudan). Through Alliance High School, we hope to achieve the following goals:

  • Convert Warriors into Peacemakers: Through education, this generation of South Sudanese children will be cut off from training as warriors and raiders and will instead learn the dialogue of diplomacy, a diplomacy that will serve to eliminate tribal conflicts and unify the tribes.
  • Create a Monolithic Identity: Currently, due to a lack of education, people in South Sudan are loyal to tribes and not to a nation; they lack the understanding of the significance of nationalism. Education will aid in fostering a new identity, a loyalty to one nation instead of a loyalty to individual warring tribes. This new monolithic identity will serve to eradicate future intertribal conflicts.
  • Improve Lives: Education will generate other means of income, which will further aid the development of a self-sustaining South Sudan. As education will create other means of income, the people of South Sudan will no longer have to raid other tribes for survival, which results in the loss of life. Instead, they will work to support their families and develop their nation.
  • Promote a Culture of Peace: In keeping with the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword,” Alliance High School will enable the six divergent tribes within these eleven counties to strive towards education as a cohesive whole, and as a result, education will serve to foster peace and build a unified South Sudan.

In Alliance International School, we will teach students to make critical decisions about what they think is the best for the future of their country while respecting the customs, culture, and religion of all of Sudan’s people.  Through education, students will gain the tools necessary to lead South Sudan into the future as a peaceful, democratic, and self-sustaining country.

Our current fundraising goal is $400,000, as this is the amount needed to build a school of eight classrooms.  However, as the expenses of operating a continuing educational facility are ongoing, Ambassadors for Change will continue its fundraising in order to sustain Alliance International Academy.

“Education is the single best escalator out of poverty.” ~ Nicholas Kristof, March 17, 2011​​​​​

Multi-phase Planning

In order to gain true operating sufficiency, The Ambassadors for Change will need to raise funds throughout the year. Consequently, one of the main tasks of the Executive Director will be fundraising.​

Given that our overall fundraising goal for the Alliance International Academy is $400,000, the construction and operations will have to be managed in phases. Naturally, if we receive enough support in the first six months to become fully-funded, we will simply begin construction on the full facility.​

  • Phase One – Land Acquisition: COMPLETE! Through the generous donations of our donors, Ambassadors for Change has aquired the land, deed, and permission necessary in Bor, Jonlei State, South Sudan, to begin the construction of Alliance International Academy.​
  • Phase Two – The Initial Building: The estimate for the building phase is  $350,000, which is the approximate cost of a school with eight classrooms. These eight classrooms will make it possible for 200 local students to begin studying in a more advanced location as soon as possible. This phase encompasses the expenses of the architectural planning, surveying and other necessary services intertwined with beginning construction. Basic plumbing and electrical systems will also be put in place. Classroom facilities will include at least one science laboratories for physical, chemical and biological science education, and one technology laboratory.
  • Phase Three – Infrastructure/safety: Estimating costs at approximately $20,000 for this phase, Ambassadors for Change will include the addition of windows and lighting fixtures, painting the school, and safety devices, fire prevention, and all other detail-oriented needs for the school.
  • Phase Four – Safety, School Infrastructure, and Educational Expenses: The final $30,000 will be spent on texts, supplies, and lab technology.

​​School Standards

The guiding principle of Ambassadors for Change is to provide accessible education to the citizens of South Sudan regardless of race, gender, religion, or cultural belief. Alliance International High school will be available to all citizens of the South Sudan. The Bor community has welcomed the initiative. Firmly approved by the Governor and the Ministry of Education, Ambassadors for Change has acquired the land for construction. The community will also assist in the construction process.

Alliance International high school will comply with the South Sudan National High School Education System. Ambassadors for Change may occasionally provide peace, gender & other education programs through international volunteers. Alliance International’s official language of instruction will be English. Other languages will be provided for further study.

The Ambassadors for Change motto is “Academic Excellence.” Alliance International will pursue a competitive teaching quality to provide quality education to students. Our interest is to make Alliance International’s graduates competitive at the university level, or to become productive in the market right upon leaving high school. Students will be prepared to compete academically with other East African high schools. Alliance International must be rated among the top schools in the nation. Therefore, to provide quality education to Alliance International Academy students, it is very important for The Ambassadors for Change to employ the best qualified teachers/instructors.


​Operations and Strategy​

​Ambassadors for Change is in an excellent market position to be able to attract good talent and funds due to the clear goal of our organization. We are not a non-profit organization with multiple goals and a variety of streams of public engagement – we simply want to build a world class educational academy.

No other organization is better positioned to raise awareness of the facility to target funders, and the Lost Boys legacy is strong within the Atlanta community to aid fundraising efforts.

The Ambassadors for Change has three distinct competitive edges that will be leveraged to help make it a successful educational organization with sufficient financial resources:

  1. A strong and culturally significant story: In recent years, the plight of Sudanese nationals, specifically those in Darfur, have brought both public outcry against the government in Khartoum and reports on the peace process that has led to South Sudan becoming its own nation.
  2. Educational Experience: The founder is a university-educated individual who has seen this type of academy work well at educating youth and providing growth opportunities for those youth to become leaders in their nation.
  3. Resources in Place: Unlike a newly-birthed enterprise, Ambassadors for Change has the contacts to make the school a reality. Discussions have already taken place with bureaucratic officials in Sudan to ensure that the school will be looked upon favorably by the government.

The Ambassadors for Change will campaign to develop visibility within the community for both volunteer recruitment as well as corporate fundraising. Activities such as participation on radio shows, sponsorship of one day events/seminars, and other public events that are designed to give a presence to the Ambassadors for Change within the community will be undertaken.

The Ambassadors for Change will rely on many different sources of funds, in part to increase the overall budget, in part to decrease the reliance on any one source. It is hopeful that many of the funds can be raised immediately; others ,such as the grants or corporate donations, will likely require six to eight month lead/application periods.

  • Grassroots Fundraising: Like any non-governmental organization, the Ambassadors for Change will aggressively seek donations from individuals.
  • US Dept. of State: Some of the funds necessary may be obtained through grants given by the US government.
  • UNHCR: Limited funding is available from United Nations sources, specifically the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
  • Corporate Donations: The Ambassadors for Change will create specific presentations for corporate donors who wish to see positive development in Africa. We are currently compiling a list of donors that typically give to international organizations.
  • Foundation grants (public and private money): This is a rich source of available monies, and we will seek donors through the Foundation Center.

The funding forecast indicates that it is expected to take six months before there are sufficient funds to get operations rolling. With the expected opening date of month seven, initial funding will trickle in from month two to four with larger quantities arriving around months five and six.

In order to gain true operating sufficiency, The Ambassadors for Change will need to raise funds throughout the year. Consequently, one of the main tasks of the Executive Director is fundraising.

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