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speakernyokIt is the goal of Ambassadors for Change to provide schools and educators with the tools to effectively teach global issues and empower the youth with the knowledge that they, too, can serve as instruments of change.  When you invite us as guest speakers at your school, Ambassadors for Change will send a learning packet that includes both pre-teaching and post-teaching materials to enable you as educators to prepare your students for the presentation on the history of Sudan/South Sudan as well as the current issues South Sudan faces as the world’s newest country.  These learning packets will also enable you to enhance students’ learning experiences through suggested post-learning activities and projects.

Through the materials and the presentation, students will learn about the economic, political, environmental, societal, and technological risks South Sudan must overcome before it becomes a viable, self-sustaining country.  Through the presentation, Nathaniel Nyok, former Lost Boy of Sudan, will share the story of his journey as a Lost Boy and of how he now, as an International Affairs graduate, works to promote education in his home country.  Nyok’s story not only underscores the importance education has in building a peaceful society, but his gripping story on inner-strength and perseverance teaches the youth that they too can overcome any obstacle, that no situation is insurmountable.

To invite us for a presentation, please contact Nathaniel Nyok at or fill out the contact form below.


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