100th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

Armenian CommemorationThe William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum held a beautiful and worthwhile commemoration of the Armenian Genocide on the evening of 4/23/2015. I feel hopeful in seeing so many faiths gathered to remember and take a stance for life.

I hope that one day soon governments will gain the courage to recognize the Armenian Genocidal for the crime that it is rather than succumb to political pressure and threats, as recognition is the first step in preventing future genocides. Hitler himself knew, as he planned to enact the Final Solution against European Jews, that he would get away with it. As he stated, “After all, who remembers the Armenians.”

History will continue to repeat itself until the world understands that genocide will be recognized and called by its name, that its leaders will not receive impunity, and that sanctions will be enforced.

Until true action occurs, we have the power of memory and the power of education. One of the many compelling statements from this night that truly stood out to me, especially as we instinctively turn away from the horrors that the word “genocide” evokes, “Learning about genocide isn’t depressing. It is about the value of a life.”

It’s Time to Call a Thing for What It Is

It’s Time to Call a Thing for What It Is

Senate_Resolution_LeadsTo end genocide, we must first stop the denial. The political act of denial, protecting perpetrators for the sake of alliances or economics, condones genocide. Without impunity and with proper sanctions and recognition, genocide would no longer be profitable. When we fail to call genocide by it’s name, we impede cultural healing and enable the cycle of violence to continue.


Special Shout Out!

I’d like to give a special shout out and thank you to Ngor Mayol, former Lost Boy of Sudan and Mothering Across Continents project volunteer, and Alan Sherko, Kurdish survivor of Saddam Hussein’s Al Anfal campaign, for their outstanding efforts at yesterday’s FCHS speaking event in support of April as Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month. Education and memory are integral in combatting future genocides, and your stories touched many hearts.